Pines Takes a ‘Do Good’ Tour

President Gets Close-up View of Researchers Tackling Grand Challenges
ֲý President Darryl J. Pines visits an elementary school in Adelphi, Md., to observe of the Maryland Initiative for Literacy and Equity (MILE) to improve teaching methods for dual-language students.

Whether bolstering learning in underserved areas, battling food insecurity or fighting climate change, projects supported by the ֲý of Maryland’s are doing good in communities around the state. President Darryll J. Pines recently visited three of them to see the work first-hand.

At an elementary school in Adelphi, Md., Pines observed work by researchers with the aimed at improving teaching methods for dual-language students. His journey also took him to an urban farm in Baltimore, where researchers with the are working with residents to harvest rainwater to grow crops. A visit to ֲý’s own golf course showed scientists affiliated with the studying how to keep greenhouse gases locked in wetlands rather than warming the atmosphere. 

This latest installment of “Enterprise: ֲý of Maryland Research Stories” zeroes in on the dedication of Terp experts to using their knowledge to address society’s biggest challenges.

Watch the . (The segment on MILE begins at 3:28 and features Melinda Martin-Beltran, associate professor in the College of Education and associate director of professional development for MILE.)

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