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I am a 25-year-old Environmental biologist. I had an extremely fortunate childhood, growing up with my mother, who always insisted on learning languages. Thanks to her, I can now speak Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. These language skills have allowed me to explore the American continent, working for the sustainable development of its people and the conservation of its natural heritage. I have had the chance to work on social and environmental projects in different countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Panama, The United States, and Canada.

Most of my work so far has been done independently, arising from a close connection with local communities and an understanding of their most pressing needs. As such, I have worked closely with governments, NGOs, and funding bodies to develop my social and environmental projects. I am currently leading a project funded by National Geographic where we work with indigenous leaders on various interdisciplinary approaches, combining GIS technologies, botany, and programming with traditional knowledge to conserve the community's endangered ethnobotanical culture.

All pictures on this website were taken and are owned by Santiago R Said.
All people in the pictures have consented to have these pictures displayed here!

Thank you to all the funding bodies and educational organizations
that have made my work possible!

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Santiago R. Said-M.Sc. Environmental Biologist 

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