Botany Lessons

The reason for our success as a species may be related to our brains, our minds and creativity. However, it is clear that we wouldn't have reached this point in history without knowledge sharing and collaboration. Like Charles Darwin once said:

"In the long history of humankind
(and animal kind too)
those who learned
to collaborate and
improvise most effectively
have prevailed."

Monthly meetings

Bi-monthly plant lessons
In Koju, we believe science and art only make sense when they reach people.
We make bi-monthly meetings, for free of course, where we discuss interesting plant topics with our head Botanist.
Some of the topics we talk about are in the nearby boxes.
We will also interact with the plants, going outside to identify plants, doing tasting or experiments
If you want to be part of this green initiative, just be ready to learn and share.
On fait les rendez-vous en Francais aussi!

Santiago R. Said-M.Sc. Environmental Biologist